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Old December 1st, 2011, 07:30 PM
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Default CCM products [gloves/sticks]

Im in the market for some newer gear after a while of not really buying anything. ive been into mostly bauer for some times. but lately watching so much pro hockey ive seen a lot more CCM products as far as gloves and sticks go. has anyone on here had really extensive experience with some of the more higher up products? id love some major feed back on this thanks guys
Lid: Bauer 5100 w/ bauer half shield
Skates: bauer x60's
Gloves: bauer 4 rolls, Bauer supreme one80's
Sticks: Bauer Totalone, Totalone 2-piece
Pants: RBK 9K pants
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Old January 24th, 2012, 07:03 AM
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I have used both the CCM U+CL gloves and the sticks. I will give you my thoughts on both--

CL Gloves-I had a pair this summer when they first released, literally ordered them within days of release and probably had a very early batch. I point that out because I actually had to return mine to CCM and was issued a full refund (I chose the IW credit account option). After 2 summer league games the stitching between the palms and the gussets lining the outside of my hand started ripping apart almost immediately. This happened on my bottom hand so it was not even related to the typical palm wear from the tape. I sent some pics to CCM directly and they were very helpful and assured me I likely just got a pair that slipped through their quality control. I was thankful for their help but I decided to go back to Bauer since the 4-rolls are time-tested and always a great glove. In terms of how the felt, they did feel great, you can find my full review in earlier glove posts on here (search in the June-July timeframe and you'll see it), but for them to literall fall apart at the seams after 1 week was disappointing for the price ($130). I think CCM maybe sacrficed some durability for the sake of making them "crazy light".

CCM U+CL stick-
I have a pro stock version of this, so it may feel and play slightly different than a retail version. The overall performance is great, and I can tell you it has quickly become one of my top 3 favorites that is always in the bag. Durability has not been an issue for me, and I have played about 3 league games and about 4 pickups or so with it and still no cracks, heavy dings, etc. I am actually pretty impressed with how well it performs on the ice, since I have been pretty exclusively a Bauer/Easton stick guy forever. Personally, I rate it above the Warrior Widow (which I hated immediately), just a slight notch above the S19 (which I also really like), and maybe right about on par with the TotalOne.
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